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There are two types of accreditation – for PRESS and PERFORMERS with their guests. To obtain Press accreditation, you have to register at our website www.loveplanet.cz. You can pick up your pre-arranged accreditation at the festival entrance.

Security service

Security service is present at the festival to protect both the visitors and festival grounds. Security officer is easy to identify (wearing black T-shirt, vest and jacket with Security sign). In case of any problems, please contact the organizers. It is forbidden to bring any items potentialy harmful to health or safety (see Prohibition).

Duties and authorizations of Security service

Ticket check and bracelet control on the festival grounds including the tent area, personal body search at the entrance (to prevent forbidden items being carried into the area – see Prohibited), deportation of persons threatening public safety from the festival grounds, deportation of visitors without the identity bracelets, preventing visitors from entering areas not open to public, helping the handicapped people, providing first aid info, protecting visitors, performers and festival equipment.


Children upto 130cm tall have free entrance.


It is forbidden to bring any drugs into the festival area with the exception of drugs allowed under Czech law (e.g. tobacco etc.).

What you should bring

ID card, health insurance card, money, toiletries, tent, sleeping things, and a waterproof coat (just in case).

Taking photographs

Only accredited photographers are allowed to take pictures. Only non-professional, automatic cameras will be tolerated. Absolutely no cameras are allowed during the headliners performance, especially using the flash.


Festival T-shirts, CDs and souvenirs will be sold at the festival; performers’ merchandise will also be available.


There will be more than ten mega bars along with sufficient number of food stalls offering variety of meals including vegetarian options. They will be located throughout the site.

First aid

Ambulance and ambulance bus including the medical staff will be presented nonstop at the festival grounds (see festival map). In emergency you can also contact the members of security service.


Dogs are allowed on site with the exception of fighting breeds (Pitbulls, Rotweillers, Dobermans, Bull terriers etc.). All dogs must have a leash and muzzle. It is strictly forbidden to let dogs run freely. Aggressive dogs of any breed will not be allowed to enter.



Recording on video or any other format is strictly forbidden. The only exception is for accredited film crews.


It is strictly forbidden to bring into the festival area following: any glass containers including bottles, any cans, inflammables, weapons of any kind, psychotropic materials, dangerous objects, pyrotechnical materials, open flames, umbrellas, laser pointers, tape recorders, film cameras, video cameras (including the formats Dv, Dv Cam, BetaCam, Super VHS, Super 8...) and all cameras. It is strictly forbidden to take sound, film, photographic or video recordings, including your own use. An exception is made for automatic, non-professional cameras, though they may not be used to photograph any performances.