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Ever since their beginning in the early 90’s J.A.R. has been considered the rap-pioneering band in the Czech Republic. J.A.R. was formed by the rapper duo OTA KLEMPÍŘ and VRTULNÍK MICHAEL V. and the keyboardist ROMAN HOLÝ. After releasing their third album MEIN KAMPFUNK (1997), vocalist DAN BÁRTA joined the line up and together with the brass section Splash Horns who introduced strong funk influences into the distinctively rap sound J.A.R. grew into a large "big band".

The core of the band together with DAN BÁRTA overlaps with the “parallel” project SEXY DANCERS – the winner of three Czech Music Academy Awards.

The long-awaited album HOMO FONKIANZ was finally released in April 1999 featuring eighteen mostly rap and soul track, displaying the band’s excellent sense of black humour combined with several surprises, the biggest of which is the singer HELENA VONDRÁČKOVÁ who appears as a guest on “BULHÁŘI“. The video for this single was shot by a prominent Czech director F.A. Brabec.

Besides ROMAN HOLÝ, VRTULNÍK MICHAEL V., OTA KLEMPÍŘ and DANA BÁRTA other members of the band are the guitarist MIREK CHYŠKA, the drummer BADY ZBOŘIL, the saxophonist František Kopa, and the gorgeous wind section SPALSH HORN as well as other excellent instrumentalists.

3000 pieces of the album HOMO FONKIANZ has been released as a limited edition packed in a special tin box.

(h)Romek Holer - vocals, frontman, zongora
Michael Viktořík – aka Vrtulník Majkl Ví. ; rap, costumes, vocals
Oto Klempíř – aka Klempa – rap, tambourine aquamarine
Dan Bárta – aka Danek Bárteus - vocals, (g)rap, ének
Mirek Chyška – aka Mireček Chýše – solo guitar,
Pavel Bady Zbořil - aka Tělo – drums
Filip Jelínek – aka Many Two**- trombone
Robert Balzar – aka Roberto Balzaro***- bass
Radka Kaspar – aka Úradek - saxophone
František Kop – aka Fanda Odkop – saxophone


Frtka (1992)
Mydli to (1995)
Mein Kampfunk (1997)
Homo Fonkianz (1999)
Nervák (2002)