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Polemic (SK)

1989 – 1993

·        SKA band a few fans of ska music create POLEMIC

●    First concerts in Bratislava

·      POLEMIC releases their first self made record ( MC )

·      POLEMIC plays concerts abroad, Czech republic - in Prague plays concern with YOYO Band (Czech reggae band) gigs in Poland

·      Personal crisis paralyses band for a moment



·      Four new members join POLEMIC at the spring of this year and the band starts new history. This time POLEMIC  members were : Brano Bajza ( guitar, vocal ), Miro Baricic ( bass ), Marek Hatar ( guitar, vocal), Brano Stancik (keyboards), Martin Latkoczy (drums), Peter Opet (trumpet), Nada Durecova ( alt saxophone), Gabika Lachkovicova ( baritone saxophone ), Peter Huraj ( tenor saxophone ) a Brano Fejes (sound master ).

·      POLEMIC wins a music competition of young music bands in the Slovak Television.

·      New self made record distributed at the concerts around Slovakia and Czech republic.

·      Band takes part in musical Pacho is coming back  (Pacho sa vracia) prepared by legend of Slovak folklore music Svetozar Stracina. Musical took more than 100 repeats in Theatre of Andrej Bagar in Nitra (Divadlo Andreja Bagara v Nitre ).



·     First official released record is song Baba-Ryba, on compilation of worldwide ska bands UNITED COLOURS OF SKA, vol.2, label PORK PIE.

·      Polemic’s first gig in Germany and tour Czech republic ( Rokycany, Karlovy Vary, Plzen, Praha)

●  The band takes part in recording Robo Grigorov´s album “Breath reggae” and subsequently shoots new video clip for song Skaman.



·        Brasses are strenghten by trombone player Tomas Foldes  and cooperates with bands Zona A ( legend of Europe punk ) and Vidiek ( one of the most popular Slovak band) on their CDs.

·        Band has a gigs in Germany and Czech republic again.

·        Song Baba-Ryba is released first time in Slovakia on compilation Summer Hits 96.

·        Polemic is realising first professional recordings in the best music studio in Bratislava named Ebony. They produced recordings of their two songs Mesto and Do Ska at their own expenses. This marked new period of permanent cooperation with sound magician Ivan Jombik.



·        Keyboard player Brano Stancik is leaving the band.

●    The band is looking for a sponsor, who would finance release of their first album. After long troubles they manage to find one.

·        Song Mesto (The Town ) is chosen for first video clip.

·        November 1997 is the date of releasing long play multimedia CD named DO SKA, label  Musica.    

·        Band is on the tour around Slovak republic, radio stations is starting to play POLEMIC´s songs, mostly Do ska and Mesto.  

●    The band is becoming more an more popular because of popularity of their songs Mesto and Do Ska on radios. They support the album by frequent performances all around Slovakia. 



·        POLEMIC received nomination in Slovak Grammy 1997, originally named Ceny ZAI 1997, in category New artist of the Year. 

·        Keyboard player Jan Lauko jr. is coming, trombone player Tomas Foldes is leaving band.

·        The second video clip Do ska is released at the end of summer.

·        One third of members of band is getting a new inspiration on trip to the promise land of Jamaica for a three weeks.

●    The band starts to shoot video clip for Do Ska under the supervision of Karol Vosatko. The song “Embarrassing day” is played on radios.



·        First single from the second CD, Slnko v sieti ( Sun in the net ) occurs in radio stations in Slovakia. CD single includes 3 dance remixes  of radio edit.

·        Label SLOVAK BROADCAST COMPANY ( Vydavatelstvo Slovenskeho rozhlasu ) is releasing second CD YAHMAN!. At the end of spring is new record born.

·        During the summer band plays many concerts in Slovakia and Czech republic. Special gig is at the roof of Slovak broadcast building in Bratislava, or another one is unplugged live for three radio stations.

·        POLEMIC is band of the month in most popular Slovak television chart on TV Markiza. Song  Ona je taka ( She is so ... ) reached top of the radio charts in Slovakia.

·        POLEMIC first gig in Austria ( Wienna ).

·        Naďa Durecova, saxophone player, is leaving band for a half a year, because she is becoming a mother.

·        POLEMIC is receiving the Jump Award in most popular music awards Slavik 99, voted by people, for greatest move to the top of  the popularity through the year.



·        POLEMIC is changing some posts in the band : drum player Martin Latkoczy and saxophonist Gabriela Lachkovicova are leaving, drum player Andrej Juras joins  the band.

·        February - contract for two CDs with BMG / Ariola..

·        Two songs, Gangster – SKA and Komplikovana (Gangster – SKA, Complicated ) gained great success in radio broadcast in Slovakia.

·        POLEMIC received nomination in Slovak Grammy 1999,  in categories Band of the year and CD booklet of the year. 

·        Band’s first gig in Switzerland

·        Two gigs with the legend of ska The Selecter in Prague.

·        Brass section helps fellow bands Plus Minus and Zona A with release of their new albums.

·        Top of the summer gigs is Trencin´s  Pohoda, where more than 15000 dancing people make no doubt of popularity of  POLEMIC in Slovakia.

·        Special gig realised in august. Slovak Gold for Europe - live broadcasted to 9 Europe countries.

·        At the start of autumn, the third CD named GANGSTER-SKA is released. New video clip Ja som to vedel ( I knew that ).

·        In october, more than 1500 people (sold out) are dancing on gig where band first time plays songs from new album GANGSTER-SKA in Bratislava.

·        Band is leaving Millennium with the gig on the stage on Main square in Bratislava, where meets many ten-thousands of people.



●    There is a new EP “How will I survive this?” from GANGSTER-SKA album going on radios

●    Early in January POLEMIC has many concerts in Slovakia, in April there is a club tour in Czech Republic, especially clubs and in May Slovak tour starts.

●    Another EP “Summers” is played in Slovak radios and TV.

●    Throughout the summer, the group plays at music festivals in Slovakia and Czech Republic (Pohoda, Klikk, Poprad, Znojmo, Litoměřice, Lipno, Sazavafest...)

●    Participation in reggae festival in the Hungarian part of the town Komárom and in ska-fest in the town Godollo

●    Before the end of the year the groups starts works on their new album

●    The end of the year POLEMIC spends with Italian group Persiana Jones on their Czecho-Slovak tour



●    The group is fully engaged in preparation of material for their new album

●    At the end of August POLEMIC plays at German town Mainz together with Italian ska group Orobians

●    At spring, Polemic plays at Italian towns Turine (1000 people, sold out) and Milan (7.000 people) together with Persiana Jones

●    Concert at Budapest with their allied group Ladanybene 27

●    In May, the group starts to record their new album, which is finished towards the end of summer

●    EP “Beautiful worlds” foresees  prepared album

●    Trip accompanied by performances at Tisno, Croatia with Czech reggae group Svihadlo

●    Participation in festivals in Czech Republic and in Slovakia (Rock for People, Stiavnica, Pohoda, Stadlec, Nocne vlny, Trutnov open air, Terchova, Hodokvas...)

●    Last performance of Nadenka in Pohoda festival

●    Polemic plays within the framework of Reggae camp in Komárom and Debrecen

●    Towards the end of the year, the fourth album of Polemic is released –  “Do not worry” “Nelam si s tym hlavu”. This event is celebrated with baptised tour in towns Nitra, Praha, Plzen and Bratislava together with groups Ladanybene 27, Svihadlo and soundsystem Catpain Morgan.

●    Another EP “Scandal” from their new album is released together with its video clip

●    Farewell to the old year at the Main square of Bratislava




·       New member join the band from January 1-st – trombone player Lubo Horak. From January of 2003 is Polemic made of 8 musicians, 1 sound master and 1 manager, together 10 members.

·       Band plays mini tour in Poland – 3 gigs

·       Polemic is nominee on Slovak version of Grammy Awards (named Aurel 2002 ) as one of the 3 best bands in Slovakia

·       Czech concerts in March and April  

·       Director Brano Vincze realise videoclip on song Indián from the last album Nelam si s tým hlavu

·     Polemic supports American ska band The Slackers in Vienna´s Arena club

·       Offical tour named as the last album starts in Slovakia in May of 2003

·       From June to August Polemic plays many gigs at most important outdoor festival in Czech republic (Go Planet ROXY, Rock for People, Raska fest, Zamosti, Colours of Ostrava, Reggae Ethnic Session, Sazava, Trutnov …), in Slovakia ( Pohoda in Trencin, Klikk fest in Nové Zamky, Okey leto in Poprad, Nocne vlny in Martin, Hodokvas in Pezinok …). Polemic supports legend of Jamaican music The Skatalites at Pohoda festival in Trenčín

·       Pohoda gig is made as DVD show of Polemic, it contains also interview with band

·       There are also summer festival gigs in Hungary (Gardony Reggae Tabor) and Polend ( the biggest polish reggae fest in Bielawa, Reggae festival in Ostroda named Ostrock).

·     November gigs in Poland - Wroclaw (W-Z klub) and Opole (MOK).

·       Director Brano Vincze and computer specialist Martin Zembery realise videoclip on song Conengria from the last album Nelam si s tým hlavu

·      Traditional, it means 4th pre-Christmas tour with foreign ska band Fastfood Orchestra feat Dr. Kary from Prague contains 4 gigs in Brno, Prague, Pilsen and Bratislava




·      Polemic is watching for new girl singer, it takes 2 months of selection

·      Band starts compose new songs, new girl singer Veronika Dubajova first show with band in march.

·      Many gigs in Slovakia and Czech, 5 special open-air gigs for students on universities for free – many thousands people everywhere

·      in July gig in Dresden on Back to the roots festival together with Rico Rodriguez and Gentleman and gig on Rock for people festival together with SKA P and Real McKenzies (Polemic on stage between them)

·      preparing 5th pre-Christmas tour in the best clubs in Czech, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary together with French band Big Mama



· Beginning 2005 the band passed some important personal changes , after long years, 4 albums and hundreds of concerts in several countries left the band, the singer and guitar player Marek Hatar, as well as the female guest of the band Veronika ´Nika´ Dubajova. The rhythmic-harmonical  section was fulfilled by the piano player Peter Sandor.

· During April 2005 the band recorded 4 songs for the new album, which should be released in autumn 2005, for Sony BMG. Polemic sign a contract with Sony BMG for another 2 albums.

· Many important guest are collaborate on the recording of our new album – Dr. Ring Ding (one of the best-known ragamuffin singer), Peter Lipa (one of the best-known jazz singer in Central Europe), Dr. Kary (the best ragamuffin singer from Czech rep.), and many many others..

· The fifth album of Polemic - “Nenudin” - is released  October 17th 2005.


- 18 years on scene

- Almost 600 gigs in 10 countries  (Czech republic, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovak republic)

- Support for/shows together with: The Skatalites, The Selecter, The Slackers, Gentleman, Rico Rodriguez, SKA P, Dr.Ring Ding, Yellow Umbrella, Persiana Jones, Mikey Dread, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation,

- Headliner/Co-headliner of the all biggiest/most important festivals in Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland.

- 5 sold-out shows in the biggiest clubs in Prague (Roxy, Palac Akropolis, Rock cafe) in two years.

- 5 released CDs (two for BMG, 5th – the last one – for SONY/BMG)

song Baba-Ryba (1st single) on compilation of worldwide ska bands UNITED COLOURS OF SKA vol.2, label PORK PIE.


Officail web page: www.polemic.sk

Download the brand new video – Polemic feat. Dr. Ring Ding - `Yes You`re Right`: